Showrooms and Workshops for BENELLI Motorcycles

Benelli Motorcycle as a brand is synonymous with racing and technology. When we were asked to design the deaelrship for Benelli in terms of the Corporate identity the Showroom interiors were to be kept  very classy and chic. The use of materials prodded the same theme forward. We used a black and grey palette which made the showroom look premium and classy. This was completely  different from other motorcycle brands that we had worked on, wherein the look is more rustic and industrial. We used an open ceiling concept with floating planes which gave a feel of dynamic planes in a black limbo that makes the products stand out. The most potent design feature is the ‘road’  inside the dealership which is a powerful floor pattern leading to the information desk and is also used as the delivery areaa where a new Benellian would ride his super bike. Once our design for all showrooms pan india was appoved by Benelli Italy, we developed detailed designs for each element which can be manufactured locally keeping in mind the roll outs and the cost economics. We were then certified as the architects to design and assist the network department of Benelli India.

Benelli is an asset in our bonquet of esteemed brands.