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We value the most - client gratification.

Mr.Khushru F.Mistry - Chairman, Indian Summer Restaurants - Saudi Arabia / UAE / Sri Lanka. - " Berges Italia and his team are absolute geniuses and a pleasure to work with. Our journey started off with our first restaurant project together in Saudi Arabia 15 years ago – and that was the beginning of an era. The project quickly turned into the talk of the town because of his unique decor, functional designs and aesthetic value. We continued to build more restaurants together across the GCC in Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE. I truly believe Berges and his team's designs are a major factor of our business’ success and popularity. When I decided to open more locations in Sri Lanka and Africa, Ratnsorb was my first and only option to execute the projects. Berges and his team fully understand kitchen functionality across different cuisines, specific engineering works, and efficient space utilization. 15 years till date, I have received nothing but premier design services, impeccable finalized work and constant creativity in achieving our objectives. After over 50 outlets together, I look forward to continuing this creative relationship and I would wholeheartedly recommend Ratnsorb."

Mr. Khushru F. Mistry

Mr.Zubin Mistry - CEO, Emerald Motors - Mercedes Benz passenger car Dealership, Ahmedabad, India. - “I would like to say that working with Ratnsorb our trusted single point of contact & your team was a great journey “elegant unobstrusive & neat the work was seamless & blended well as an automobile dealership together. Your design scope fitted very well with the expectations our customers walk in with. Our customers feel transported into a luxurious space with your beautiful accomplishment.”“We love to show off your beautiful work."

Mr. Zubin Mistry

Mr. Abhishek Sharaff - MD, B.D.Automobiles - Honda Car Dealership, Kolkata, India. - "Hi BergeesI remember it was the year 2010 when I was formally introduced to you by Mr Kunal Behl to design my first Honda facility in Kolkata.It's been a decade of mutual trust and growth for both of us together. You have designed 8 set ups for me till now and still going strong. I found in you a friend whom I could trust and based on the same we have come a long way. Your ideas and design are truly amazing. Some of them more amazing than practical but that's the way it should be. Looking forward to working together in the future also. Best of luck....."

Mr. Abhishek Sharaff

Mr.Mohammed M.Khan - Architect.Jaguar Land Rover - MENA - Dubai. UAE. - "RATNSORB Associates have been valuable design services partners to Jaguar Land Rover’s MENA retailer network. They are efficient in translating business requirements into smart design and built solutions, whilst keeping the Corporate Identity standards uncompromised. Their “first time right” design approach never disappoints."

Mr. Mohammed M. Khan

Mr. Amer Al Kadi - Architect - Project manager - Al Mulla Group, Kuwait. - "Working with Bergees and his team was a pleasure. They balanced the architectural vision and the project realities beautifully, had a deep understanding of our priorities, and operated responsively and professionally to all matters. The blend of his personal style and an understanding ours led to a beautiful, practical and unique automotive facilities."

Mr. Amer Al Kadi

Mr. Yashwant Jhabakh - Chairman - Mahavir Group - Dealers of Mercedes Benz passenger cars, Skoda India, Benelli India, Isuzu & Suzuki Motorcycles - Hyderabad, india. - "Bergees you are a joy to be associated with.I met you with apprehension as had no reason to change from the person we were working with. The first meeting with you changed my opinion and I took a great liking for your approach and creativity. Thanks for being a great support in all the new design ideas that we have implemented across. Wish you the very best and u will have a lot of well wishers like us."

Mr. Yashwant Jhabakh

Mr. Joël VERANY - VP Sales & Network Development India - CITROËN INDIA. - "We are associated with Bergees and Ratnsorb team since beginning, in India. We chose to work with Bergees considering his vast Automotive retail facility designing experience, global exposure and 'can do' attitude. Jointly with him we developed India specific retail formats, material specifications and local vendors. Bergees is backed by well qualified team ensuring timely deliveries of project."


Mr. Jayant Nanda - Chairman, Cargo Motors Group - Dealers for Jaguar Land Rover cars, Suzuki Arena, Tata Motors - commerial vehicles. - "Passionate, driven and ethical are the attributes-I would associate with Bergees. An extremely talented Architect who is devoted to his work-that’s Bergees. I love him and cherish our relationship since 2010-and since then our mutual love and trust has grown from strength to strength. His passion and disciplined approach to work, set him in a class of his own and my admiration for his skills as an architect and integrity as a professional has only grown".

Mr. Jayant Nanda

Salim Merchant - "I spend endless hours in my studio and I am so thankful that the vibe of that place is so well designed by my friend Bergees - who has spent so much time and effort and love-that it reflects in our music everyday. Bergees hasn’t just done our studio but we are very thankful that he has also designed our home which is an exentension of his personality reflecting upon ours. We are blessed to have him design our space according to our taste with fantastic design elements and architecture."

Mr. Salim Merchant

Chirag Sheth - "Bergees is a creative visionary and has this unique ability to imagine spaces and translate them into a balance of usability, design, simplicity and elegance. His remarkable creativity along with his eclectic ideas gives homeowners various options which fits into the budget. We love our home and it’s not only the big elements that make it what it is, but tiny attention to the details. Wishing Bergees and his entire team the very best for all the future endeavors. All the best and with regards,"

Mr. Chirag Sheth

Mrs. Yasmeen Khafagy - Head of Network Development - MERCEDES BENZ EGYPT SAE -"I am glad to know Bergees and work with him on several projects to implement the new MAR2020 concept for Mercedes-Benz Egypt (MBEg) Business Partners. We, MBEg team, as well as our business partners are always delighted by Bergees’ professional attitude, knowledgeable discussions, and effective communication. Bergees and his team are always reachable and available for discussion with any of the projects’ stakeholders whenever needed; Their ability to communicate, and deal with challenges, while keeping their promises to meet deadlines, makes it easier for all stakeholders to manage the project in the most efficient way possible. It has been a pleasure and delight working with Bergees, and looking forward for business cooperation in the near future."

Mrs. Yasmeen Khafagy

Mrs. Megha Bansal - "Your team is doing a terrific job starting from layout planning to its systematic execution considering every aspect of our requirement. I must say that you and your team are truly pleasant to work with, always available to guide, believe in good work and above all very considerate about fees. I am sure , i can get my dream house with your expertise and support. I would gladly recommend your services. Warm Regards, Megha"

Mrs. Megha Bansal

Mr.Rohit Suri - Managing Director - Jaguar Land Rover India. ”A thinking architect ...uses sharp intelligence , discerning taste & experience to cast his client’s expectations into some brilliant & exquisite final renditions....”

Mr.Rohit Suri

Mr.Amar Sheth - Managinbg Director - Shaman Group - Delaers for Honda cars, Volkswagen Cars, Mercedes benz Passenger Cars and Triumph Motorcycles. - "Meeting Bergees the first time was a chance encounter. He was a customer with his first car in our workshop and I was just starting off in the automotive retail industry. He was in our workshop for a concern and I am glad I was the one he met. That concern was of course closed but over time we grew our relationship from he being my customer to me being his. It would be an interesting comparison to see who has paid the other more. I his fees for the numerous projects done or he for the number of cars he has bought from us. I have seen Bergees grow through the years into a mature and reputed architect. His designs are unique and draw a positive comment from all those who visit our facilities. Today Ratnsorb is a name that is renowned in the Indian and Middle East market in automotive retail design and am proud that Bergees sits on the approved and preferred design company for most automotive brands. Our experience with him has been splendid be it for ideation, design, execution or any other treatment that a real estate project needs."

Mr.Amar Sheth

Mr.Raymond Gedeon - Franchise Manager - Jaguar Land Rover - MENA - Dubai. UAE. - "RATNSORB has been a valuable asset to the roll out of Jaguar Land Rover MENA’s Network Development program. Their contribution have seen the quality of our retail environments across the region grow strength to strength. Living up to the JLR Customer First principles, Bergees and his team have always proven to be dependable, efficient and easy to do business with."

Mr. Raymond Gedeon

Mr. Rana Das - Head of Network Development - FCA - INDIA. - "I am writing to thank you for being one of our valuable partners. The association has been quite delightful with the quality of services you have provided and appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism in business. You have always added value and innovation in the work you have done and I believe you will continue to do so and create new milestones. Wish you and your team a successful journey ahead."

Mr. Rana Das