Corporate identity design and implementation and execution for Bgauss Electric Scooter Showrooms and Workshops.

This is one of the latest Auto brands to be added to our portfolio and the first Electric vehicle brand When we were asked to design the Corporate Identity for the new EV brand we studied the target group of customers of the brand and understood the design expectations of the Corporate Identity. We kept the entire Corporate Identity clutter-free and bold., incorporating the use of technology as advanced in the EV product in the new design. We added the use of Digital technology in the design wherein the showroom was designed without the conventional reception desk and other furniture. The showroom primarily was broken into three zones – the product zone, the community zone, and the brand legacy zone. Each of the zones was intertwined using dynamic graphics to have a unified Bgauss look. Once our design for all showrooms pan India was approved by Bgauss India, we developed detailed designs for each element which can be manufactured locally keeping in mind the roll-outs and the cost economics. We were then certified as the architects to design and assist the network department of Bgauss India.

Bgauss has our gratitude for investing their trust in us.