Showrooms and Workshops for JAGUAR LANDROVER - INDIA

Jaguar Land Rover is a super premium, luxury, automobile brand with a strong corporate identity that is distinctive. After undertaking an in-depth study of the corporate identity, attending a series of orientations and workshops conducted in the UK- a rigorous and meticulous listing of requirements was done. We were then certified as the only architects to design and assist the network department of Jaguar Land Rover India.

We have adapted the international identity to suit indigenous conditions and have simultaneously adhered to the rulebook of the International corporate identity. We have assisted the OEM in designing dealerships pan India, keeping in mind the corporate identity of the brand and have also prepared the Indian Handbook or the Design Manual in strict compliance with the International standards. We have also prepared design documents required by each of the dealerships pan India in order to execute specifically in accordance to the Corporate Identity : hence enabling the network to be Corporate Identity compliant while adapting to the local requirements. We render services for designs which are first time right hence saving on time and investments for the dealership.

This also gives the entire dealership network in India a cohesive and uniform look and feel that is very important for the brand.




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Award for Best Automobile Showroom at VMRD awards - 2013 - Cargo Motors showroom for Jaguar Land Rover cars - Ahmedabad, India. / Merit Award for Best Automobile Showroom at VMRD awards - 2016 - Satyam Balajee showroom for Jaguar Land Rover - Raipur, India.