Mainland China

This brand has a chain of fine-dine Oriental cuisine restaurants. Each of them originates from the same gene pool yet bears their own stamp. This particular restaurant was to have two distinct dining areas. These two separate spaces are demarcated by a wine rack- used as a focal point to function as a wall. One area houses an open kitchen with a dimsum counter; it sports light wood in keeping with the oriental character. The center point is a volt in the ceiling which was rotated to start from the floor and end midway to induce a dramatic feature into the ceiling. It was held by the vertical mass of the live kitchen counter. This place buzzes with the vibe of the diners chatting over an oriental meal seated in a place which exudes their enthusiasm.
The other area is the Dimsum Lounge. It is deceptively dark and luxurious. The dark wood adds to the shadow and light play of the place. The colour red is infused to stay true to the quintessential oriental ambience. The ceiling drops to the floor enveloping the wall in an L shape. The niches in the walls showcase some amazing art. The place throbs with the discreet vibe of the elite diners.


Pune - India