We build to Create.


“Ratnsorb was founded in the year 1999 by Ar Bergees Rusi Italia. We are a vibrant, dedicated and passionately motivated, team of 25+ Architects and Interior Designers helmed ably by Ar Bergees Rusi Italia. Our mission is to provide interior and architecture oriented design solutions- that are ethical, environment friendly and cost effective. For us the client’s brief, their needs and concerns are at the centre of our design philosophy. We revere each space as a design story waiting to be unfolded with our expertly rendered planning and execution.

Ratnsorb is a seamless amalgam of three companies:
Ratnsorb Architecture and Design– the firm wherein we undertake master planning of interiors and exteriors: of any space that comes under the broad spectrum of Architecture and Design. This Company is based in Mumbai. Our Projects are widespread all over in India and world wide. We are privileged to have over 900 happy clients.

Ratnsorb Projects-where we offer our services from the scratch: that is detailed, meticulous planning to methodical and efficient execution. This Company offers design and end to end solutions.We have been actively prolific pan India, and are equipped to take on any space in any part of the world. Our elated clients are our testimony.

Ratnsorb Associates – This is our Dubai based youngest company started in 2014. This company was formed in Dubai, with the intent of providing unique corporate Identity consultancy in terms of designing solutions to retail brands and other hospices in GCC, Middle east,African and the European markets. In the short period of our existence we are proud and happy to note that we have successfully extended our services to multiple brands and corporates in the region.

Under the auspices of these three companies, we have designed and executed over 2500 of projects and are proud to be associated with an international network of satisfied, esteemed clients. We are fortunate to meet, learn and collaborate with not just our clients but many professionals from all over the world who have enriched our experience most fortuitously. Our USP is our continued thirst to imbibe new and upcoming techniques and know- how- we do not claim to know it all. We definitely claim to deliver the most holistic approach to your space and resurge it to its utmost potential to your satisfaction and ours. “